• 30 November 1999

    These sculptures retell the story of the last hours of a completely innocent man condemned to die a brutal and barbaric death by crucifixion. They are based on the written account known as “The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ according to John”, a story many believe to be the most powerful, the most moving ever put into words. The artist then begins where words end and opens up new and imaginative ideas to enrich our lives and our understanding of these world changing events. Llew Summers has given us a daring, highly imaginative and courageous interpretation of “The Way of the Cross”.

    The poet Bernadette Hall was invited and commissioned to study closely the finished sculptures of Llew Summers and the texts of 'the Passion'. The poet spent many hours contemplating and meditating on their significance. She shares and communicates what she discovered, in her poems. Her voice is unique and her insight challenging and fresh. She brings events far away in time and space to our place and our time with great immediacy and poignancy. more»
    'The Way of the Cross' Book of Sculptures and Poems
  • 30 November 1999

    Bishop Barry has announced the patronal names of the new parishes that have been amalgamated. more»
    New Parish Patronal Names
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