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  • The Diocese offers some resources for parishes and parishioners as we look to rebuild, repair and strengthen our churches. more»
  • Whakakōingo o te Ngākau: The Yearning Heart
    The group bearing this name was recently formed in the Diocese, during a meeting with Fr Rick Loughnan who is currently the Administrator of the Christchurch Diocese, to look at spiritual formation programmes available with the aim to promote and encourage individual spiritual growth. more»
  • The existence of the Catholic Education Office reflects a commitment of the Bishop, and the whole Catholic community of the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch, to the education of the young, and 'not so young', within a faith environment, grounded in the vision of Christ. This education takes place in the Parishes and in the Schools of the Diocese. more»
  • The fact that so many New Zealanders live in abject spiritual poverty, not knowing a personal God, without experience of the Father's love revealed in Jesus Christ, must surely call forth our active compassion (Mt 9, 35-36.).

    Even more pressing is the love and care we owe to those, often members of our own family or friends, who have left off the practice of the faith and no longer follow Christ as active members of his Church. more»
    An Invitation
  • A welcome home for Catholics who want to return to practising their faith.

    Catholics Returning Home is a parish based programme of compassion and reconciliation designed to reach-out and invite non-practising or inactive Catholics to "return home" to the Catholic Church. If you feel called to "return home" to the Catholic Church. more»
    Catholics Returning Home
  • The Diocese supports the work of Father John O'Connor and the blog: Food for Faith more»
    Food for Faith
  • The Catholic Youth Team is a department of the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch. As a team we serve the diocese by promoting youth ministry at Diocesan and parish levels.

    Our work covers the West Coast and Canterbury areas and includes work with parishes, schools, youth leaders and young people aged 13 to 30(ish). more»
    Youth & Young Adults
  • A satisfactory family life growing out of a good marriage is the context in which a person can best achieve development as a human being and maturity as a follower of Jesus Christ. It is a primary responsibility of the Church to uphold Christian marriage and family life in its teac(ing and practice. Neither the difficulty of the task nor the widespread negative attitudes in society today can excuse us from this effort which is necessary for human well-being, for the future of society, and for the true destiny of human beings. more»
  • Welcome to the Vocations site of the Christchurch Diocese. Much of this material is under construction so please have a look again soon for new material. more»
  • Go to the Homepage to find the link for scriptures of the day. more»
    Daily Scriptures
  • Welcome to our Respect Life page, where we wish to continue to promote respect for life from conception to natural death.The page is a work in progress and will continue to have material added to more»
    Respect Life
  • If you have any questions about the diocese then put your question into the box below, to be answered by Father John O'Connor of our Diocese. more»
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