Lenten Retreat - Reflections on the Self-Emptying of Jesus the Christ

Friday 7 April 2017 to Saturday 8 April 2017 @ Mary Potter Community Centre, 442 Durham Street North

‘A condition of complete simplicity - costing not less than everything’ T.S.Eliot

Joy Ryan-Bloore Jungian Analyst
Friday 7 April 6.45pm - 9pm
Saturday 8 April 9.30am - 4.30pm

At the heart of the Incarnation is the ‘kenosis’ of Christ - a radical experience of self-emptying - culminating in Jesus’ unconditional surrender to the Mystery of suffering and death (Phil 2:5-8).

This kenotic path is also at the heart of our human journey and the evolution of the cosmos. It is an innate, archetypal map which informs every aspect of our lives as it did for Jesus.

It involves a progressive self-emptying and complete surrender to God during which we are stripped of all we have perceived ourselves to be; all we have known, desired, achieved or believed - especially in the latter
stages of life.

This silent Retreat will focus on the selfemptying of Jesus in order to assist us with the similar demands God may make of us.
Mary Potter Community Centre,
442 Durham Street North

Bring own lunch, tea/coffee provided

Suggested contribution $60 or donation according to means