Provision of Sunday Mass


Bishop Barry has been visiting various parts of the Diocese presenting the Provisino for Sunday Mass in the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch.

The document can be downloaded below or click on the image to the right:

Dignitas Humana - June 2008.pdf Provision of Sunday Mass Nov 2011.pdf (5MB)




Late in 2010 Bishop Barry introduced the Working Document: 'The Provision of Sunday Mass in the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch' by visiting each pastoral area. This highlights Bishop Barry's clear priority of providing Sunday Mass throughout the Diocese,

“Sunday Mass is the heart of the life of the Church. It has always been so.”  


Bishop Barry's desire is to have a strategy available that has been well consulted on throughout the Diocese, as to where Sunday Mass will be celebrated in the future.   This will enable the Bishop to implement a plan rather than just having to react to circumstances.   Amongst other things the document proposes a new structure for our parishes through parish amalgamations.  


The Bishop asked that Parish Councils and individuals take time to consult and return submissions to him.   150 excellent submissions have been received from parishes and individuals to this Working Document.   The Bishop appointed a group to look at all these submissions.   The group has been impressed by the work and commitment of individuals and parish councils in presenting submissions.   Each submission has been read by all members of the group.   They have had to take into account the effect of the earthquakes in Christchurch and its surrounds.   Currently they are nearing the end of this process and will be reporting back to the Bishop.


The Working Document has been presented by Bishop Barry to each of the nine Pastoral Areas for consultation.  It has been written about in Inform over the past few issues and on this website.


Download the initial Working Document


The document can be downloaded below:

Dignitas Humana - June 2008.pdf Provision of Sunday Mass Nov 2010.pdf (5MB)

Chatham Islands

The Chatham Islands were inadvertently omitted from the Working Document.  A page can be downloaded below regarding the Chathams.

Dignitas Humana - June 2008.pdf Provision of Sunday Mass - Chatham Islands.pdf (240KB)

Statistical Information

The file below provides updated Mass count information for 2008, 2009, 2010.  In addition it lists seating capacity for each of our churches.

Dignitas Humana - June 2008.pdf Mass Counts and Seating Capacity 2008, 2009, 2010.pdf (38KB)