Sounds Catholic - 2012


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We feature choruses from a performance of Handel's "Messiah" given by our Cathedral Choir on a visit to Dunedin in July, who were joined by Dunedin's Anglican Cathedral Choir. 

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We feature a presentation from Fr Paul Check who spoke in our Burnside Parish in late September.  He teaches moral theology and is Director of Courage,
the Church's apostolate for people experiencing same sex attraction. 

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Fr Chris Orr, assistant priest at our Pro-Cathedral, shares on his experience in the Antarctic earlier this year, along with his role as our vocations director.

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We mark the beginning of Advent by speaking with Fr John O'Connor about its significance and feature music specifically for this season. We also present a snapshot of the Year Of Faith


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We mark the conclusion of the month of the Holy Souls with a light-hearted look at requiem ritual.  We feature music for the Feast of Christ the King.

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We feature two Year of Faith snapshots: two new young Catholics speak of their journey toward Christ and his Church; Bishop Meeking shares Church teaching on purgatory and we highlight music from the Kolbe Singers, a tertiary-based Catholic choral ensemble.

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We feature the recent Rochester lecture by Fr Merv Duffy SM, offering key points on what is a fitting topic in the month of the Holy Souls: "The Art of Dying Well". In the Middle Ages there were so much pestilences and plagues that death became a major theme of European art. Fr Duffy looks at how death was depicted and how art helped in the process of dying.

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We meet Roby Curtis from Blind Eye Ministries, Australia, who gave the keynote address at the 'Arise' conference for young adults.  He shares something of his journey of faith and challenges us to engage the world in love.

21 We celebrate the opening of the Year of Faith featuring music and prayer from the end-of-year Academic Mass. Bishop Meeking speaks to us about the gift of the Second Vatican Council and the Catechism.

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We celebrate the second anniversary of our programme and look back over life in our diocese in the last year, featuring key events and profound thoughts from our interviews.


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We again feature visiting priest, Fr Paul Check, who teaches moral theology and is the Director of Courage, the Church's apostolate for people with same sex attraction.  With the current debates going on in New Zealand, this programme has particular relevance


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We feature Fr Paul Check, Director of Courage, the Church's apostolate for people with same sex attraction.  Fr Paul teaches moral theology, which with the current debates in New Zealand, has particular relevance.

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Hear the music of our Cathedral Choir and orchestra who sang at Mass in St Patrick's Basilica, South Dunedin, as part of their July southern tour.  We feature movements of a setting of Schubert's Mass in G.

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Part two of "Theology on Tap" with Dean Mischewski, speaking to young people on the topic: "Who are the Real Crusaders?

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic September 9 2012.mp3
We go to the pub for the latest "Theology on Tap" with respected Catholic Apologist, Dean Mischewski, speaking to young people on the topic: "Who are the Real Crusaders?” We know the world's interpretation, now hear a Catholic sense of our history.

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We meet two students of CDC, the Catholic Discipleship College in Auckland. CDC provides Christian formation in an environment of Catholic spirituality, prayer, scripture, study & community life. We hear about the good work they do and the fruit it is bearing for the Church and feature some of their music.



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This repeat programme for is from 23rd January 2011.  We feature part of a concert given in our Cathedral by the Graduate Choir of Auckland who joined our Cathedral choir.   The result was very pleasing.

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We're in the pub with Australian Catholic missionary Sam Clear, who spoke to 60 young people at July's "Theology On Tap" about his walk for Christian Unity through South, Central and North America, and across to Spain. 

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We speak with Catholic Earthquake Recovery Co-ordinator Matt OConnell about his spiritual journey, his work with our Catholic Youth Team and his current role.   Matt also selects some favourite sacred music for today's programme.

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In early July, our Cathedral choir travelled south to give concerts in Waimate and Dunedin.  We feature music from their Waimate concert in the beautiful St Patrick's Basilica. 


JULY 2012

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We meet Fr Thomas Joachim, General Superior of the Community of St John, a thriving new community in the Church, who founded a new house in our Riccarton Parish in 2011.  He speaks about his call and his work and shares some spiritual insights on hearing God's voice in everyday life.

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We explore the music of the Emmanuel Community, whose worship band was a key feature of the recent Antioch camp for teens.  We meet with their leader who speaks about the faith underpinning their music. 

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic July 15 2012.mp3
We visit Antioch, a camp for teens run by our Youth Team, to hear powerful testimonies from two young participants about how the camp has helped their faith.  We talk to two young adult camp leaders about their passion for supporting these teens and we hear music from the Emannuel Worship band who led them in praise and worship. 

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic July 8 2012.mp3
We mark the passing of Mons. Tom Power, whose requiem took place in our Pro-Cathedral on Wednesday.  We bring you prayer, reflections and music from the funeral of this very long-serving priest.


JUNE 2012

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic June 24 2012.mp3
We catch up with 500 children from our Christchurch Catholic primary schools singing in our Pro-Cathedral for a Celebration of Song.  We give thought to developing young voices in the service of the Church's liturgy

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic June 17 2012.mp3

We re-visit an interview from May 2010 when Brother Loughlin Sofield spent time in our Diocese.  He offered some beautiful insights on collaborative ministry.  It is good to hear his thoughts again two years later with all that has happened in that time.  We also feature music from the Kolbe Singers, a Univrsity-based Catholic choral ensemble.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic June 10 2012.mp3
International Catholic communicator Fr Robert Barron offers some beautiful reflections on the Eucharist. Hear prayer and music for the Feast of Corpus Christi. 

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic June 3 2012.mp3
Hear international Catholic communicator, Fr Robert Barron, offer some beautiful reflections on God, the Holy Trinity, plus prayer and music for the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity

MAY 2012

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic May 27 2012.mp3
 We celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to the Church at Pentecost.  Some young students reflect with David O'Neill on the meaning of Pentecost; Bishop Meeking speaks about its significance for the Church, along with prayer and music for this Solemnity.

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic May 20 2012.mp3
We feature the newly installed organ of St Joseph's Church, Darfield. Hear highlights of the concert with the Sockburn Parish organist, Barry Brinson & friends, celebrating its installation.

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic May 13 2012.mp3
We feature a live concert of music for the Easter Season from the choir of Sacred Heart Cathedral, Wellington.  This concert includes music for the resurrection, the Good Shepherd, Ascension and Pentecost.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic May 6 2012.mp3
We feature April's "Theology On Tap" given by Fr. John OConnor.   He gives a dynamic reflection on the topic "2012, is this the end?"


APRIL 2012

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic April 29 2012.mp3
We feature the beautiful Fauré Requiem - our Cathedral Choir and Orchestra offered this profound work as part of the midday Mass at St Mary's Pro-Cathedral on ANZAC day, a Mass celebrated by all the Bishops of NZ.

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic April 22 2012.mp3
We consider the goodness of the animals.  God gives us and what they come to mean to us. This programme follows on from the death of my first guide dog, Tiger. We feature music and prayer on the beauty of creation and the gift of guide dogs to those of us living with physical blindness.  

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic April 15 2012.mp3
We replay a programme from 2010. Bishop Uzukwu from Nigeria visited and Christchurch and spoke about the devotion of the Divine Mercy.

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We prepare for Holy Week with readings, prayer and music for Palm Sunday.

MARCH 2012

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 25 March 2012.mp3
Music from Sacred Heart Cathedral in Wellington

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 18 March 2012.mp3
We feature the first 'Theology On Tap' - our Catholic Youth Team brings theology to a pub.  Brendan Malone speaks to 40 young people on the question: 'Where is God on Shaky Ground?.  He speaks about the presence of our Lord amid the suffering of the quakes.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 11 March 2012.mp3 (20MB)
A very moving interview, we speak with the Secretary-General of Caritas Jerusalem, Claudette Habesch. She is a Palestinian Catholic and heads a Catholic organisation supported by New Zealand to bring about peace and justice in the Holy Land. Aptly, Bishop Basil Meeking offers thoughts on reconciliation.

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 4 March 2012.mp3 
We catch up with Bishop Barry Jones after his visit to Rome at the end of last year.  We also find out something aboutLenten fasting from Bishop Emeritus Basil Meeking. Music and prayer for the season of Lent also feature. 



mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 26 February 2012.mp3 (20MB)
Highlights from the Ash Wednesday ecumenical service in St Mary's Pro-Cathedral. We feature a sermon from Bishop Victoria Matthews and music from the two cathedral choirs.

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 19 February 2012.mp3 (20MB)
This week we meet our new Catholic Youth Mission Team. They'll give us some insight into who they are and their call to take a year out for formation in the faith and a chance to share their love of the Lord with other youth and young adults. They will also share some music with us.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 12 February 2012.mp3 (20MB)
Young Australian Catholic missionary, Sam Clear, speaks about how to develop a good prayer life.   He reflects on his walk for Christian Unity through South, Central and North America and concluding in Spain.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 5 February 2012.mp3 (20MB)
We note the 40th anniversary of "Bloody Sunday", we meet New Zealand Jesuit priest, Fr. Bernard Donnelly who was home from India recently and we visit a Dublin convent where vocations are on the up.



mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 29 January 2012.mp3 (23MB)
We feature the music of Holy Cross Seminary from 2001 to 2003.   Hear six settings of the Kyrie from the musical history of the Church.

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 22 January 2012.mp3
The final Mass for the Society of Mary at St. Mary's Manchester Street.   We feature part of the Bishop's homily along with music from the Mass.   We also feature part of it