"Sounds Catholic" wins national radio award

19 May 2013


Ken Joblin and Tiger

Thursday 16th May saw the announcement of the 2013 National Radio Industry Awards. These awards cover all facets of radio broadcasting in New Zealand over the last year. 

For the second year in a row, our weekly Catholic radio programme "Sounds Catholic" won the "Spoken Programmes" section for access radio broadcasting. The winning programme features Ken Joblin's last visit to his retired guide dog Tiger in Tauranga. Ken found out in February last year that Tiger was dying of cancer. He took his digital recorder with him so he could capture Tiger's voice and all his familiar sounds before he died. "Being a blind person, audio is crucial to me so I spent some days with my recorder to hand, ready to get the familiar bark or growl."

Ken decided to make a documentary for "Sounds Catholic", and put it to air after Tiger died. The resulting heart-warming programme clearly moved this year's judges to give "Sounds Catholic" the highest award in its category.

In this documentary, Ken offers insights into Christian ways of dealing with the grief of losing a close friend who is a dog. Tiger's voice is a key feature of the programme and Ken uses his sounds to link the various subjects covered. It is a tribute to tiger, but also to all working dogs and animals who have special bonds with their human owners.

Ken touches on themes of grief and asks the question "what happens to animals when they die?" He draws on animal-centred stories and uses Christian music including an organ meditation recorded in the Tauranga church with Tiger on the floor beside him.

"I have had more response to this programme than any other I have made thus Sounds_Catholic.jpgfar. Pictures speak a thousand words but audio of our friends who do not use words is very powerful."

We are thrilled that a clearly Catholic programme is given this high award by a secular organisation. We congratulate Ken and encourage you all to listen to the winning programme and "Sounds Catholic", every Sunday at Midday, repeated at 10.00pm on Plainsfm 96.9 or listen online in the following week.

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Listen to the winning programme...

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic April 22 2012.mp3
We consider the goodness of the animals.  God gives us and what they come to mean to us. This programme follows on from the death of my first guide dog, Tiger. We feature music and prayer on the beauty of creation and the gift of guide dogs to those of us living with physical blindness. 

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