Sounds Catholic - Easter Season 2010

Programme 8 Pentecost Sunday: Sunday 23rd May 2010

David O'Neill interviews young school children about their understanding of Pentecost, with music an prayer for this solemnity.

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Programme 7: Sunday 16th May 2010

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Programme 6: Sunday 9th May 2010

Interview with Brother Loughlan Sofield.

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Programme 5: Sunday 2nd May 2010

Interview with Fr John Adams and music from the seminarians from the National Seminary.

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Programme 4 - Good Shepherd Sunday: Sunday 25th April 2010

Homily from Msgr Charles Drennan (Administrator of the Cathedral), commenting on the current difficultues faced by the Church.  Interviews with Fr Rick Loughnan (Vice Rector of Good Shepherd House) and Fr John Adams (Vocations Director).  Music from the seminarians from the National Seminary.

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Programme 3: Sunday 18th April 2010

Bishop Uzukwu from Nigeria visits Christchurch and speaks about the devotion of the Divine Mercy.

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Programme 2: Sunday 11th April 2010

Sr Jill McLoughlin RSJ and others speak about Blessed Mary MacKillop, including a trip to Temuka.

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Programme 1: Easter Sunday 4th April 2010

Fr John O'Connor speaks about Easter.

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