Sounds Catholic - 2011


 mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 25 December 2011.mp3 (23MB)
We celebrate Christmas with music from the last Midnight Mass celebrated in our Cathedral.   We feature the story of a young Auckland altar boy from the early 1960s and his recollections of serving his first Christmas Mass.   We have prayer for the day and receive a blessing from our Bishop.

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 18 December 2011.mp3 (23MB)
We speak with Fr Robert Barron who visited the Diocese to give the annual clergy retreat.  He also talked about evangelisation to a capacity audience at Christ The King Parish Centre and spoke of his work as a Catholic media personality.  We feature music and prayer for the 3rd Sunday in Advent.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 11 December 2011.mp3
An Advent service from St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral of the Diocesan Mass for youth and young adults.   We hear from Bishop Barry Jones and listen to music and readings for the Advent Season.  The music is led by the Kolbe Singers.

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 4 December 2011.mp3 (23MB)
We speak with Karen Payne, Earthquake Support Catholic Schools Advisor.  We hear why she got involved with this work and some of her experiences helping students and teachers, particularly in the eastern suburbs.   We feature music and prayer for the 2nd Sunday in Advent.


mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 27 November 2011.mp3 (23MB)
We mark the beginning of Advent. We speak with Fr John O'Connor about its significance and feature music specifically for this season.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 20 November 202011.mp3 (23MB)
We mark the conclusion of the month of the Holy Souls with a light-hearted look at requiem ritual.  We feature music for the Feast of Christ the King.

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 13 November 2011.mp3 (23MB)
We cover the first of four meetings as Bishop Barry presents on the future provision of Sunday Mass in the Diocese.  Hear some of this presentation along with comment from Mike Stopforth, the Bishop's Deputy for the Pastoral Plan.

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 6 November 2011.mp3 (23MB)
We visit Sacred Heart Basilica in Timaru for its centennial Mass. We feature musical highlights, prayer and word from the Mass in this, one of New Zealand's finest churches and we delve into the centennial book produced by the parish


mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 31 October 2010.mp3 (23MB)
Fr John OConnor reflects on the feasts of All Saints and All Souls. With November being the month of the Holy Souls, we consider the meaning of death for Catholics.  Music and prayer for these feasts complete the picture.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 23 October2011.mp3 (23MB)
We feature highlights of last Sunday's Academic Mass at St Teresa's, Riccarton. 
Bishop Meeking speaks about the importance of the Christian voice in the state and the part the Catholic intellectual community can play in it. 
We also feature the music of the Kolbe Singers and Kolbe Brass from the same Mass.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 16 October 2011.mp3 (23MB)
We look back on our first full year of programmes.  We've met people with beautiful spiritual insight, people doing and saying interesting things; we've prayed and listened to Catholic music.

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 9 October 2011.mp3  (23MB)
With everything that's happened to us all this year, its good to hear people making music and enjoying themselves. 
This week we feature items from last Saturday's Cathedral Choir Soiree: light music, an Irish-style band, and classical pieces.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 2 October 2011.mp3 (23MB)
We feature New Zealand choral music from last Saturday's Cathedral Choir concert in St Mary's Pro-Cathedral.  Professor John Ritchie composed his setting of a Mass for Corpus Christi in 1997. We'll hear this Mass and an interview with the composer.


mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 25 September 2011.mp3 (23MB)
We feature an interview with the Archbishop of England and Wales, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, as he reflects with a leading rabbi on the significance of the Pope's visit to England and Scotland, one year on. Bishop Meeking speaks about Blessed John Henry Newman and we feature some music of the Kolbe Singers, a newly formed university schola.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 18 September 2011.mp3 (22MB)
We continue to celebrate World Youth Day in Madrid with an audio blog from an English participant, and a chat with another of our own pilgrims.  We also consider the revised English text of the Mass with a visit to the Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs, Cambridge.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 4 September 2011.mp3 (20MB)
World Youth Day in Madrid gave a tremendous spiritual boost to young Catholics in our Diocese. We talk to some pilgrims about their time with the Popeand over a million other young Catholics.


mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 28 August 2011.mp3 (20MB)
With everything that's happened to us all this year, its good to hear people making music and enjoying themselves. 
This week we feature items from last Saturday's Cathedral Choir Soiree: light music, an Irish-style band, and classical pieces.

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 21 August 2011.mp3 (20MB)

We celebrate World Youth Day in Spain by thinking about its initiator, Blessed John Paul.  
We speak with Jennifer Goulding of Rangiora about her family's private audience with him in 2000 and attending his beatification in Rome in May.

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 14 August 2011.mp3 (20MB)
A point of unity for the Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion in England is the shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham.  The Lady Richeldis had her vision of Our Lady in 1061. Since that time, pilgrims have made the journeyto Walsingham from all over Britain and the world.  This Sunday, the eve of the Assumption of our Lady, Sounds Catholic visits the shrine for a Marian service.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 7 August 2011.mp3
 We feature Dr Donna Orsuto who visited the Diocese this week. She teaches at the Gregorian University in Rome and set up a lay centre to improve the quality of lay formation.  We will share an interview with Donna along with some of what she offered to lay workers and at the annual Rochester Lecture.

JULY 2011 

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 31 July 2011.mp3
We feature an interview with Australian Catholic Evangelist, Jan Heath, who shared beautifully about her faith at the 'Arise' young adult conference.

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 24 July 2011.mp3
We feature our Cathedral Choir. They visited Wellington last November and we recorded their concert in St Mary of the Angels Church. We feature some of this concert along with music from Mass at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.  

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 17 July 2011.mp3 (23MB)\
We feature our Cathedral organ.  We don't know if and when we will hear it again. Sounds Catholic shares a recording made in the Cathedral of the Mathias 'Missa Brevis'.  The organ is very much to the fore.

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 10 July 2011.mp3 (23MB)
We feature items from the Cathedral Choir Soiree show-casing choir members in various other musical capacities.
We also hear from the Vatican Observatory, a chance to lift our gaze heavenward. 

 mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 3 July 2011.mp3
This repeat programme for Sunday 3rd July is from 23rd January.  We feature part of a concert given in our Cathedral by the Graduate Choir of Auckland who joined our Cathedral choir.   The result was very pleasing.

JUNE 2011

 mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 26 June 2011.mp3 (23MB)
Fr Antoine Thomas from the Community of St John speaks about the beauty of the Eucharist. Corpus Christi is being celebrated in a special way in the Riccarton Parish where he is parish priest.  We feature music and prayer for Corpus Christi.

mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 19 June 2011.mp3 (23MB)
  We feature audio from the ordination of Bishop Charles Drennan at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Palmerston North last weekend. Highlights of the Mass feature along withsome words from New Zealand's newest bishop.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 12 June 2011.mp3 (23MB)
This Sunday, we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to the Church at Pentecost. Some young students reflect with David O'Neill on the meaning of Pentecost, Bishop Meeking speaks about its significance for the Churchalong with  prayer and music for this solemnity.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 5 June 2011.mp3 (23MB)
 This Queen's Birthday Sunday we reflect on the state of relations between the Vatican and the British Monarchy.  We feature audio from the Queen and Pope Benedict XVI taken from his visit to the UK last September, along with music and prayer for the Solemnity of the Ascension.

MAY 2011

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 29 May 2011.mp3 (23MB)
We feature a live concert of music for the Easter Season from the choir of Sacred Heart Cathedral, Wellington.  This concert includes music for the resurrection, the Good Shepherd, Ascension and Pentecost.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 22 May 2011.mp3
We interview Brother Anthony Mary of the Community of St. John, a week out from his ordination to the priesthood.
He tells us something of his life in the Community of St. John, his call to priesthood and the reasons why he is being ordained here and not in France. 

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 15 May 2011.mp3 (23MB)
We follow up on last Sunday's programme celebrating the beatification of Blessed John Paul II. 
We speak with Fr. Andrew Bernady of Sockburn about his life as a Polish priest who worked in Germany before recently coming to our diocese. He shares something of his priestly vocation on this "Good Shepherd" Sunday

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 8 May 2011.mp3 (23MB)
Today we celebrate the beatification of Blessed John Paul.   We feature material from the UK explaining the significance of his beatification, some history behind his pontificate and feature music and prayer for the third Sunday of Easter.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 1 May 2011.mp3 (23MB)
Bishop Uzukwu from Nigeria visits Christchurch and speaks about the devotion of the Divine Mercy.

APRIL 2011

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic Easter Sunday 2011.mp3 (23MB)
Fr John O'Connor speaks about Easter.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 17 April 2011.mp3 (23MB)
We enter Holy Week with a very fine reading of St. John's account of the Passion of our Lord. 
We also feature a choir formed for the Palm Sunday Youth and Young Adult Mass in our Cathedral in 2009.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 10 April 2011.mp3
We reflect on the lives of the late Fathers Paddy Cahill and Miles O'Malley.  
We give thanks for their priesthood and feature audio from their requiem Masses.  



mp3_icon.jpgSounds Catholic 20 February 2011.mp3
We celebrate the sound of children's voices.  We ask "how do you get a children's choir started in your parish?" and give away copies of "Communio", a cd of a children's choir singing Catholic music.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 13 February 2011.mp3
We celebrate a new initiative of the Catholic Youth Team - we have a youth mission team.  We speak to Youth Team Director, Chris Lysaght and spend time with our four new mission team members. 


mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 6 February 2011.mp3
The Community of St John have arrived in the diocese.  We speak to Fr Antoine Thomas about the Community - who they are and what they're on about. 


mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 30 January 2011.mp3 (23MB)
We catch up on developments in England with three Anglican bishops becoming Catholic priests at Westminster Cathedral.  Hear music from the Pope's visit to the UK in September.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 23 January 2011.mp3 (23MB)

We feature part of a concert given in our Cathedral by the Graduate Choir of Auckland who joined our Cathedral choir.   The result was very pleasing.


16 January 2011:We re-visit Sunday 17 October: the Canonisation of St. Mary of the Cross with a visit to Temuka where she lived and worked.

9th January 2011: We re-visit Sunday 10 October: the Papal Visit to England and Scotland and the Beatification of Blessed John Henry Newman.

mp3_icon.jpg Sounds Catholic 2 January 2011.mp3 (23MB)
We celebrate the new year with New Zealand Sacred music and a couple of surprises.   Bishop Meeking reflects on "Mary, the Mother of God".