Bishop Barry confers Papal Honours

14 October 2012

 Robin Kilworth receives her papal medal from Bishop Barry Jones

Pope Benedict XVI has awarded 11 pepole with the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Cross (“For the Church and the Pope”).  These people have provided service to Diocesan Boards such as the Diocesan Management and Finance Board, Diocesan Foundation, Diocesan Education Council and the Sexual Abuse Protocol Committee over many years.

Bishop Barry conferred the awards on Saturday 13 October during Mass at St Mary's Pro-Cathedra.

The recipients are:

Geoff Bailey

Desmond Boyle

Derek Craze

Murray Giera

Robin Kilworth

Rex Lynch

George Macfarlane

Bruce Palmer

Brian Phillips

Brian Shackel

Michael Sweeney


Three OPUS Consulting Staff received a Benemerenti Medal: Nicholas Dawe, Richard Munt and John Craig

In addition the Benemerenti Medal has been awarded to three staff members of OPUS International Consulting who have provided extensive service to the Diocese for some years and more particular since the September 2010 earthquake. The Benemerenti Medal is a mark of recognition to persons in service of the Church,


These recipients are:

John Craig

Nicholas Dawe   

Richard Munt