Earthquake Communication sent to Parishes

11 April 2012

Paddy Beban, Diocesan Financial Administrator, speaks to clergy and laity at a previouis earthquake information meeting about earthquake issues that affect parish churches

Recently a third earthquake information evening was held for clergy and parish leaders providng the latest information about insurance and the Diocese's strategy regarding earthquake matters.  The following is the handout provided at that evening.

Inform 75.pdf Earthquake Parish Briefing Meeting 21.3.12.pdf

Inform 75.pdf Earthquake Parish Briefing Meeting 6.9.11.pdf


Following this meeting the notice below has been sent to parishes...

Important Notice – Detailed Engineering Evaluations (DEE)

The Diocese has engaged engineers (OPUS) to assess the earthquake performance of all non-residential buildings. The aim is to assess the percentage of New Building Standard (NBS) that the buildings provide. 100%NBS being the strength provided by a new building built to current codes. A description of what New Building Standard means may be found here: http://youtube/4zU-lF6BV3A

Buildings that provide less than 34%NBS are considered earthquake prone.  Some earthquake prone buildings will be of greater concern than others if they have a critical weakness that may cause a sudden collapse in an earthquake. These buildings may be recommended for closure by the engineers. Some have already been closed or have restricted entry status.

A list of priorities and progress of all DEE's will be published on the OPUS website. It is currently being worked on.  


Actions taken:

Inside Canterbury earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) Jurisdiction

This applies to churches, schools and other buildings within Christchurch City Council, Selwyn and Waimakariri District Council areas.

All buildings are being examined starting with the ones still open and those considered most risk.


Outside Canterbury earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) Jurisdiction

This applies to churches, schools and other buildings Waimate, Timaru, Ashburton, Hurunui Grey and Westland District Council areas.

The buildings within CERA's area of jurisdiction are being prioritised as there is an elevated risk of earthquakes in the area. Buildings outside of the area are at no greater risk than they were before the Canterbury earthquakes.

Inspection of all those buildings will be undertaken as resources and time permit.