Bishop Barry's Prayer at the Memorial Service

22 February 2012

Bishop Barry was asked to lead the final prayer that concluded the 'two-minute silence' at the Memorial Service at Hagley Park on the first anniversary of last year's 22nd February earthquake.

This was his prayer:

O God whose mercies are without number,
and whose treasure and goodness is infinite,
graciously increase the faith of your people
that all may grasp and rightly understand
by whose love they have been created.

Your Son Jesus has taught us
to open our hearts to you in sincere prayer,
today after one year,
we commend to your love and mercy
all those whose lives have been changed forever
by the earthquake of 22 February 2011.

We commend to your mercy
those who lost their lives in that terrible time.

We remember too,
those who were evacuated in great stress 
from city rest homes
and who have since departed this life

Grieving and distraught families, friends and workmates
entered thereby into a time of sadness, 
loneliness and heartbreak.

Have mercy on them all O God.

We commend also to you those living survivors
who bear wounds and scars and injuries 
both visible and invisible
from the earthquakes which have continued to oppress us.

May their trust and confidence in you never fail,
but rather grow to be strong and life-giving
for themselves and for those close to them.

Your Son Jesus 
showed himself to be the physician of souls.

May those burdened by fear, anxiety, 
worry and hopelessness,
know your healing hand.

Many of our people Lord carry painful memories
of building and structures falling,
and persons being crushed and trapped.

Have mercy on them and grant them peace.

We pray in Jesus' name