Bishop Appoints Earthquake Recovery Coordinator

12 October 2011

Bishop Barry is pleasedMatt_O_Connell_Oct_2011.jpg to announce that in partnership with Caritas New Zealand, a role has been created of 'Earthquake Recovery Coordinator' and appointed Matthew (Matt) O'Connell to this full time role.

The Earthquake Recovery role has been created to work with parishes and communities providing leadership, support and guidance in assisting them in responding to pastoral needs. 

Mike Stopforth, Bishop's Deputy for Pastoral Planning, says that Bishop Barry has always had a 'long term view' for money that he has been donated.  Aside from money that has been tagged for a specific purpose by the donor, money donated to the Bishop for use at his discretion will be available to create and fund a wide variety of initiatives and projects that will support people who are in the greatest need, following the earthquakes.  The first task in this new role will be to ascertain what the needs are in the various communities.

Matt O'Connell currently works for the Catholic Youth Team as the Young Adults Worker, a position he has held for eight years.  He brings a wealth of experience and existing networks to the role, which he will take up on Monday 7th November 2011.