Battle at the Basilica – a 30 minute documentary on national TV

20 October 2011

The OPUS Team of Jamie Lester and Carol-Lynne Kerrigan feature in the documentary on the Cathedral.

A documentary has been filmed around the post-earthquake work on the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament.  

The documentary focuses on the work at the Basilica with a small insert on the church at St Joseph's, Lyttelton.  It covers the process as a result of the earthquakes in February and June.  It includes inputs from Carol-Lynne Kerrigan (Heritage Consultant, OPUS Consulting) and Jamie Lester (Engineer, OPUS Consulting), as well as other people involved on site such as Murray Flett (Site manager, Naylor Love), Mark Whyte (Stonemason).  There are also comments from Simon Pascoe (Cathedral Management Board) and Cathedral parishioners.  

The documentary shows the complexity and challenging work for all involved and how our much loved Cathedral has meaning to a wide variety of different people for different reasons.  

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