Church Property Update

19 July 2011

Click below for photos of the various Churches that have been damaged.

Dallington Church

Leeston Church

Lincoln Church

Lyttelton Church

Little River Church

St Albans Church

Sumner Church

Templeton Church

Carmelite Monastery

The Diocesan earthquake recovery group continues to meet weekly.  This group is made up of Diocesan Personnel, Opus International Consultant representatives, the Diocesan Insurance Broker, Diocesan Insurer and Loss Adjustor.

Regarding the earthquaNazareth_House_1___Feb_2011.jpgke on Monday June 13th.  The feedback from engineers is that generally there has been incremental damage to buildings that have previously experienced damage.  Generally no further significant damage has been reported.

Nazareth House has sustained more damage from the recent earthquakes.

The Church at Little River has sustained a little more damage and some propping is taking place

The Sumner and Lyttleton churches have suffered further damage

St Albans Church is now closed as it has a yellow sticker.  The parish are using the church at St Matthew's, Bryndwr.



The St Mary's school has returned to its site on Manchester Street (the school was sharing facilities at St Teresa's, Riccarton)

There are no other changes to schools at this stage.


The “sticker system” that was put in place after the September earthquake (green, yellow and red) is no longer in place as we are no longer in a Civil Defence emergency situation.  However a sticker will change if there is a change of status, for example a church building that had a green sticker may have a new yellow sticker.

For more information about Parish Mass times with damaged churches click here.