Giving Financial Assistance

19 November 2012

Following the earthquake, a number of offers have been received for financial support for the Bishop and the Diocese.

The Bishop is grateful for the support offered and if people wish to give, then this can be actioned as follows:

Deposit into the Catholic Diocese Account

A special account has been set up for the purpose of Earthquake Recovery.  Bishop Barry and Diocesan Leadership has the absolute commitment to ensure that the funds donated are held exclusively for earthquake recovery purposes and such intentions are held preciously.

The account name is: Roman Catholic Bishop, Diocese of Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Account

The account number is: Westpac - 03 0802 0948733 22

Account Branch: Canterbury Centre

Swift code (for international donors) WPACNZ2W

Please identify your name and contact in any deposits so that donation receipts can be issued.  

For those who require a receipt please email your details, including your name, postal address, the date of the deposit and the amount of the donation.


Alternatively cheques can be sent to: Earthquake Recovery Fund, Catholic Diocese of Christchurch, PO Box 4544, Christchurch 8140. 

If you have queries about giving money direct to the Catholic Diocese, then please phone 03-366 9869 or send an email.