Carmelite Update

Volunteers pitch in to clean up liquification

2 March 2011

View photos below of the volunteers - young and not so young, who pitched in to help the sisters by cleaning up the liquification.

From the Sisters... (24 March 2011)

Our electricity was out till after 10pm last night.Carmel_2c___Hole_in_the_Laundry_roof.jpg  Our damage is comparatively light.  Since our statues and bookcases have been permanently fixed in place, we don't have the same mess as in September. 

However the cracks have got bigger, the Choir walls look even worse, and some of our buildings have split from adjoining buildings (the Novitiate wing had already done so, but the split there is now much bigger). 

We have liquefaction in our quadrangle gardens, orchard, lawns, vege gardens and paddocks.  Quite an amazing spectacle, but it won't be an easy job cleaning it all up.