Bold Chastity Message Shared with Young People

4 June 2010

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Jason Evert with Senior Students from Catholic Cathedral College after his presentation

In late May, international Chastity speaker from California, Jason Evert visited the Diocese. In just 2 days, Jason visited four Catholic Secondary schools in Christchurch and spoke to over 2000 students. In his powerful presentation entitled ‘Romance without Regret’, Jason spoke to students about true love.

“It’s about love and sacrifice,

not lust and pleasure…Love can wait to give, but lust can’t wait to get.”

Through stories that were personal, humorous and at times emotional, Jason was able to portray the message of chastity in a compelling way teenagers could relate to and understand.

Below are reactions to Jasons talk from students that heard his message.

“I promise not to have sex before marriage”

“Thanks to you my boyfriend said he love's me enough to wait, you are amazing!”

Jason ended his talks asking students to pray for their future husbands and wives and encouraged that the Sacraments and devotion to Mary would help them to live out a life of pure love.

Jason also gave a powerful presentation to Parents about how to raise teenager in today’s world. He noted that before anything / anyone else, parents are the primary sex educators of their children, and being a parent today is so much different and harder than anytime in history. Filled with stories and anecdotes, Jason went through his top ten points for raising teenagers in the secular culture we live in. Close to 400 parents turned out St Bedes College to hear his passion, stats and communication techniques. It was well received by all there that he was presented with a standing ovation.

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About Jason Evert

Jason works for Catholic Answers based in San Diego, California and spends his time speaking at high schools, universities and youth groups about the joys of pure love, which includes personal dignity and reserving sexual activity for marriage. Jason and his wife, Crystalina spoke at World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney to hundreds of young people. Jason has a master’s degree in theology and undergraduate degrees in theology and counseling from the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio. He has written nine books, including If You Really Loved Me, Pure Love and Theology of the Body for Teens. Jason and Crystalina also front the Theology of the Body for Teens curriculum which has been used by a number of parishes in the diocese already to great effect.

Jason has made it his life’s mission to speak to young people about the joys of pure love. In his visit he spoke to students at our Catholic Secondary Schools and in an evening seminar entitled ‘Raising Chaste Teens’, speaking to Parents, Teachers, Priests, Religious and Young Adults. His talk to students, entitled ‘Romance without Regret’, has changed thousands of lives around the world since 2003.

Parent Night

The whole talk is a BIG file so it has been broken down into a number of smaller files

1.  Intro remarks mp3_icon.jpg parent night 01 intro remarks.mp3 (1.5MB)

2.  Parents as primary sex educators mp3_icon.jpg parent night 02 parents as primary sex educators.mp3 (0.5MB)

3.  Culture which does not understand chastity mp3_icon.jpg parent night 03 culture which does not understand chastity.mp3 (3MB)

4.  Safe sex is not medically accurate mp3_icon.jpg parent night 04 safe sex is not medically accurate.mp3 (2MB)

5.  Connection between early sexual activity and depression. mp3_icon.jpg parent night 05 connection between early sexual activity and depression.mp3 (0.5MB)

6.  The truth about models and magazines mp3_icon.jpg parent night 06 the truth about models and magazines.mp3 (1MB)

7.  Porn napping mp3_icon.jpg parent night 07 porn napping.mp3 (0.5MB)

8.  The good news about chastity mp3_icon.jpg parent night 08 the attraction of chastity.mp3 (3MB)

9.  Teenage insecurities mp3_icon.jpg parent night 09 teenage insecurities.mp3 (1MB)

10.  Parental strategy for teenage girls mp3_icon.jpg parent night 10 positive parental strategy for teenage girls.mp3 (4MB)

11.  Positive male role models mp3_icon.jpg parent night 11 positive male role models.mp3 (0.5MB)

12. Step 1: strong spiritual life mp3_icon.jpg parent night 12 step1 strong spiritual life.mp3 (8.5MB)

13. Step 2: abstinence until marriage mp3_icon.jpg parent night 13 step2 abstinence until marriage.mp3 (3.5MB)

14.  Step 3: be parent not buddy mp3_icon.jpg parent night 14 step3 be parent not buddy.mp3 (4MB)

15.  Step 4: encourage delayed dating mp3_icon.jpg parent night 15 step4 encourage delayed dating.mp3 (2MB)

16.  Step 5: parenting network mp3_icon.jpg parent night 16 step5 parenting network.mp3 (2MB)

17.  Step 6: internet and media safety mp3_icon.jpg parent night 17 step6 internet and media safety.mp3 (8.5MB)

18.  Step 7: take their dating lives seriously mp3_icon.jpg parent night 18 step7  take their dating lives seriously.mp3 (2MB)

19.  Step 8: many chastity talks mp3_icon.jpg parent night 19 step8 many chastity talks.mp3 (5MB)

20.  Step 9: get over insecurity talking to kids about sex mp3_icon.jpg parent night 20 step9 get over insecurity talking to kids.mp3 (4MB)

21. Step 10: chastity in marriage mp3_icon.jpg parent night 21 step10 chastity in marriage.mp3 (8MB)

22.  concluding remarks mp3_icon.jpgparent night 22 concluding remarks.mp3 (7MB)

Youth and Young Adults Presentation

The whole talk is a BIG file so it has been broken down into a number of smaller files

1.  mp3_icon.jpg youth talk 01 how far can you go with a girl.mp3 (6.5MB)

2.  mp3_icon.jpg youth talk 02 masculinity.mp3 (3MB)

3.  mp3_icon.jpgyouth talk 03 consequences of pornography.mp3 (4.5MB)

4.  mp3_icon.jpg youth talk 04 the truth about virginity.mp3 (1.5MB)

5.  mp3_icon.jpg youth talk 05 modesty.mp3 (7.5MB)

6.  mp3_icon.jpg youth talk 06 different motives for dating.mp3 (3MB)

7.  mp3_icon.jpg youth talk 07 freedom.mp3 (1MB)

8.  mp3_icon.jpg youth talk 08 manipulation to have sex v waiting for marriage.mp3 (8MB)

9.  mp3_icon.jpg youth talk 09 reality of early sexual activity.mp3 (3.5MB)

10.  mp3_icon.jpg youth talk 10 the love test.mp3 (5.5MB)

11.  mp3_icon.jpg youth talk 11 the truth about birth control, the lie about safe sex.mp3 (3.5MB)

12.  mp3_icon.jpg youth talk 12 stds.mp3 (4MB)

13.  mp3_icon.jpg youth talk 13 purity.mp3 (4.5MB)

14.  mp3_icon.jpg youth talk 14 importance of the sacraments.mp3 (2.5MB)

15.  mp3_icon.jpg youth talk 15 importance of prayer.mp3 (1MB)

16.  mp3_icon.jpg youth talk 16 concluding remarks.mp3 (4.5MB)

What did young people say about the talk? mp3_icon.jpg youth talk voxpops.mp3 (1.5MB)