2011 World Cup

1 January 2011

Rugby_World_Cup_Quicklink.jpgWelcome to Christchurch!

Initially on this page were plans for visitors coming to Christchurch who were attending rugby games for the World Cup.

Given the earthquake on 22nd February 2011 much has changed.

If you are visiting Christchurch then we welcome you to take part in the Catholic faith community here in Christchurch.

On this page you can find useful links for your stay in Christchurch for the World Cup being held in New Zealand during September and October 2011.  You will be able to look for Mass times and find out about our Cathedral.


The damaged Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament
St Mary's Pro Cathedral

Find Mass times

Click here to find Mass times in Christchurch city and the wider Diocese.

St Mary's Pro-Cathedral

The Cathedral has sustained significant damage after the earthquake and the Bishop has announced a Pro Cathedral.  The St Mary's Pro-Cathedral is very central and you are welcome to visit.

You may wish to walk down and view the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament from the outside and the work being undertaken since the earthquake.  Our Cathedral was amongst the top 10 buildings for architecture in New Zealand

Click here to view photos of our Cathedral prior to the earthquake


2011 World Cup site

Christchurch Host City World Cup website

2011 World Cup - Christchurch


The map below provides the location of the Cathedral (which comes just off 'Rubgy Road') or use the Google map at the bottom of the page.


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