Brother Loughlan Sofield Speaks on Collaborative Ministry

26 April 2010


Brother Loughlan Sofield (or Lock as he is commonly known) has recently spent nine days in the Diocese speaking on Collaborative Ministry.

Brother Lock has spoken in almost 300 dioceses in six continents, so brought a huge amount of wisdom.

For those who have attended the various workshops with Lock it has been a time of grace. Mike Stopforth, Bishop's Deputy for Pastoral Planning said "people responded well in terms of the numbers attending and in their participation and sharing at the workshops.  In every session, Lock brought a wonderful sense of humour through his stories and in each session there have been tears as people have shared when they have been ministered to or allowed a process of gift discernment – identifying his/her own gifts and allowing others to share the gifts that he / she has."

Brother Lock has spoken about such topics as:

• Our Diocesan Pastoral Plan
• Collaborative Ministry
• Gift discernment
• Anger and forgiveness
• Burnout
• The role of Parish Pastoral Councils

Workshops have been provided across the Diocese.

• Mid Canterbury
• South Canterbury
• Christchurch - parish councils
• Christchurch - open invitation workshop
• Diocesan Staff
• Parish Pastoral Workers, Chaplains and Parish Secretaries
• School principals and senior management
• Clergy

In addition he has been interviewed for Inform and Sounds Catholic (Catholics On Air).

Everywhere we have been people have appreciated his input a great deal – some people in Christchurch returning to attend two or even three workshops. Overall it has been a very successful (and busy! visit.

Some feedback….

“(Lock) was a man who understood the pressures on priests. He used humour to engage with us and to help us see there are better ways to share the load. He showed us a model for gift discernment within the parish which was simple and effective.”
- Fr Simon Eccleton

“Brother Lock gave me a new understanding of where to start to achieve collaborative ministry. I hope to convey his simple, yet inspirational words of wisdom to our pastoral parish council. Br. Lock is a gifted speaker and I thoroughly enjoyed his humour and was touched by the sharing of others. I only wish we could have recorded his talks to share with our parish community. It was a privilege.”
- Maureen (North Canterbury)

“I discovered collaboration has a much wider meaning than I realised and much more simpler than I realised and that the laity have a major role to be involved not leave "it" (whatever "it " may be ) to the PP or priests”
- Pat (Mid Canterbury)