Cathedral Model

Model of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

Scale : 1:50 (1:48.7) Todd_s_Model_003.jpg

Style: Neo Classical

Francis W Petre (Architect)

John J Grimes, SM, First Roman Catholic Bishop of Christchurch

Ideas: Using plans that still exist, photographs, measurements and slight exaggeration to highlight certain details.

Materials used in construction: Timber, epoxy resin, reinforced caTodd_s_Model_out_013.jpgrdboard, lead, two part builder fill, timber dowling, plaster, epoxy glue, ados F2 contact adhesive, PVA glue.

Tools: snap off blade knife, jigsaw, drills, sandpaper, many self made moulds, electric carving tool, files, small chisels.

The model is painted with all purpose primer, undercoat and topcoats of Resene Waterborne Enamel. Six colours were used with various amounts of blending between each.

Everything on the model is hand fashioned and took 11 months to Todd_s_Model_out_008.jpgbuild in spare time. The hours are unknown. The cost was approximately $500.

My reasons for building this model revolve around the respect I have gained from working in and around the Cathedral over the last eight years. It means many things to me. For our small country it is a massive achievement on every level; from design, construction, emotional drive, detail, size. A building like this could never be replaced today because of numerous factors, the workmanship of those past stonemasons and the cost are but a few barriers.

I prefer to think of this model as my impression and not a replica.

Todd_s_Model_out_007.jpgMy overriding impression of the building is its balance. From any point you care to stand on the Church it is in harmony with itself. Nothing could be improved upon.

We have in our city a building that is a jewel and I for one will never take it for granted.

I hope some of my impressions of this wonderful building rub off on you as you look at this model. However it will never capture the beauty of the real thing located in Barbadoes Street.

It is well worth a visit.


Todd Hall

Model Maker