Juventutem Christchurch

1 January 2008


Who is Juventutem Christchurch? Hearts_Aflame_2009.jpg

Juventutem Christchurch was formed in early AD2008 with the support of Bishop Barry Jones and under the guidance of Bishop Emeritus Basil Meeking (ecclesiastical patron of Juventutem Australia). The name is taken from Psalm 42 which opens the traditional Mass: “I will go to the altar of God, to God the joy of my youth (juventutem)” Juventutem Christchurch has come about as fruit of the World Youth Days in Cologne 2005 and in Sydney 2008.

Our Aims

Juventutem Christchurch shares the aims of the World Youth Day group and wishes to promote them in the Christchurch Diocese. We wish to promote and deepen knowledge of the traditional liturgy of the Catholic Church. We are interested in engaging, (even for the first time), Catholics and other Christians who want to know more about the Church’s liturgical heritage. Our motivation comes form Pope Benedict’s liberalisation of the traditional Mass with his Motu Proprio, “Summon Pontificum”. The Christchurch Diocese has taken up Pope Benedict’s invitation and daily Mass is offered in the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Barbadoes Street, Christchurch. A Saturday Vigil and Sunday Mass are offered.

Juventutem Christchurch provides catechesis, lectures and practical workshops in aspects of the extraordinary form of the Mass.  It is hoped such catechesis will assist those wishing to access Mass in the extraordinary form.

Who is Bishop Emeritus Basil Meeking?    

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When may I participate in the Mass in the extraordinary form?

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“Introibo ad altare Dei: Ad Deum qui laetificat juventutem meam”.
“I will go to the altar of God, to God who gives joy to my youth”.
(Psalm 42)

Click on the files below to download articles by Bishop Basil Meeking:

Active Particpation in the Sacred Mysteries.pdf The Tradional Mass.pdf (29kb)

Active Particpation in the Sacred Mysteries.pdf Active Particpation in the Sacred Mysteries.pdf (30kb)

For more information, contact:

Mr. Ken Joblin
Kolbe House
Phone: 03-348 8882