National Catholic Marriage Educators Training Weekend

23 May 2008

'Formation of the Heart'
23rd - 25th May 2008


Marriage educators need time out for themselves, plus an injection of enthusiasm, education and enjoyment, to support this vital ministry. 

Over the weekend of 23rd to 25th May 2008, Marriage Educators gathered in Christchurch for a weekend conference on the theme taken from Pope Benedict's first Encyclical - Deus Caritas Est.  The weekend theme was 'Formation of the Heart'.

Download presenters sessions and other files from the weekend below.





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Friday Night Presentations

Simon Roughan Presentation.pdf Simon Roughan Presentation.pdf (32.47 KB)

Monique and James Presentation.pdf Monique and James Presentation.pdf (29.51 KB)





Ian Grant (Structure) Ian_and_Mary_Grant_1.jpg



Ian Grant Presentation - Hot Tips for Marriage.pdf Ian Grant Presentation - Hot Tips for Marriage.pdf (311.10 KB)


Byron and Francine Pirola (Chemistry of a Relationship)Pirolas.jpg


Pirola Keynote Presentation.pdf Pirola Keynote Presentation.pdf (826.49 KB)




Dr Deborah Wood (Emotional / Psychological)Deborah_Wood___cropped.jpg

Deborah Wood Presentation.ppt Deborah Wood Presentation.ppt (114.00 KB)





Fr Steve Lowe (Spiritual)

Fr Steve Lowe Presentation.ppt Fr Steve Lowe Presentation.ppt (1012.00 KB)



Weekend theme song - Formation of the Heart

Acknowledgement: The weekend theme song 'Formation of the Heart' was written by Mark Gregory.

Formation of the Heart.mp3 Formation of the Heart.mp3 (4.28 MB)

Theme Song.pdf Theme Song.pdf (81.14 KB)

Opening liturgy reflection

Acknowledgement:  This reflection was put together by Anna Malone.

As the file is so big, you can view it on

Sunday Grace

Sunday Grace.ppt Sunday Grace.ppt (55.50 KB)